Pullman in the First World War

Victory Gardens and Food Security

Executive Order 2679-A of August 10, 1917 established the United States Food Administration. The agency was charged with stabilizing food and fuel prices. Most importantly, it ensured food supplies to the U.S. Army overseas and to allied food reserves. Its director was future president Herbert Hoover.

During the existence of the agency, from 1917 to 1920, the USFA stabilized prices in a wartime economy and supplied food aid for European reconstruction.

Citizens were asked to grow vegetables in home and school gardens all over America. The people of Pullman responded enthusiastically.

Mina Winkle came to the Pullman Factory to instruct Pullman residents and employees about preserving food. Mrs. Mina C. Winkle was from  Newark, New Jersey. She was the President of the Woman's Political Union of New Jersey for 8 years, Head of Lecture Bureau of Food Administration. 


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