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Benefits of Metadata

  • Your publications will be found in one convenient site; the user will no longer need to have the most current knowledge about which state organization handles what order of business.

  • Your organization will show its commitment to public service.

  • By embedding metadata, your organization's information will post higher in the results lists of not only Find-It! Illinois, but in other search engines that manipulate metadata as well.

  • You can put a search engine on your web pages for focused searching of your agency's web site.

  • Management Metadata is required for participation in the library's permanent public access for your public documents.

Benefits of Depositing in EDI

  • The EDI depository will be the source of historical state electronic publications.

  • The General Assembly assigned the task of preserving electronic state publications to the Illinois State Library.

  • Your agency will not be responsible for the resource-intensive system of digital preservation.

  • EDI has an ADA compliant interface.

  • Your agency publications will be available to agency staff and your customers.


In 1967 the legislation and rules were adopted that named the Illinois State Library as the mandated depository for all State of Illinois publications and the administrator of the statewide Illinois Document Depository Program. The impetus for Find-It! Illinois occurred in 1995 when the State Library Act was amended making the Secretary of State/State Librarian also responsible for making electronic state records and documents available via the World Wide Web.

State Library Act 15 ILCS 320/7 and 23 Ill. Adm. Code 3020 mandate that all State agencies shall provide and deposit with the Illinois State Library sufficient copies of all publications issued by such State Agencies for its collection and for exchange purposes. This section also requires state agencies sending publications to the Illinois State Library under the state depository program to provide those publications in an appropriate electronic format when feasible. The State Librarian is then responsible for making the records available via the World Wide Web.

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If you or someone on your staff has a need for training or has any questions regarding Find-It! Illinois, contact Suzanne Schriar by calling 217-785-1533 or emailing sschriar at
Find-It! Illinois is a service of the Illinois State Library, Jesse White, Secretary of State and State Librarian, and is supported by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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