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Agency Guide to
Depositing Electronic Publications

Getting Started

This chart presents the metadata elements to be used when preparing metadata for IGI (Illinois Government Information) and EDI (Electronic Documents Initiative). IGI searches web pages, while EDI searches deposited files.

For your convenience, we have provided you with our Metadata Generator, which utilizes a fill-in-the-blank format to convert your information into metadata. The following chart describes the content of each element and gives examples of what it will look like after the metadata has been formatted.

Element Description & Example
Unique title for this template If you are creating a template, enter a unique identifier for it. Creating a template allows you to reuse information without requiring re-entry of data. This field will only display in your login and is to help you identify and locate this template.

Section 1. Basic Properties About Your Publication.

A. Publication title REQUIRED.

This is the officially assigned title of your publication or the name by which the resource is formally known.

Each document title should be consistent, whether it appears in the original coding of a Web page, in the metadata, or across the top of the first page. Consistency facilitates retrieval of your document. Use the same title at the top of your document and in the <head> portion of a markup language document.

If a title includes a year, like an annual report, leave it out of the title and enter it in Section 1. L below. Dates and successive numbering should not be entered as part of the title. Enter titles as they appear on the documents.


<meta name="siteTitle" content="Illinois Libraries">
<meta name=”siteTitle” content=”DUI Fact Book”>
<meta name=”siteTitle” content=”Blue Book of the State of Illinois ”>

B. Keywords This section includes any terms, acronyms, synonyms, and/or phrases that searchers may use to find your information; even common incorrect terms and misspellings. The first 1500 characters of a publication are automatically keyword indexed as are the title field above and the description field below. Enter additional terms or phrases which a searcher may use to find your publication; include subject phrases, authors, and agencies.


Vehicle Services is a correct phrase; however, people also refer to it as the DMV or Motor Vehicle Department.

<meta name="keywords" content="Vehicle Services">
<meta name="keywords" content="DMV">
<meta name="keywords" content="Motor Vehicle Department">

If you are describing a publication about corn diseases, you should also include synonyms or variations of the terms used in the publication.

<meta name="keywords" content="Helminthosporium leaf blight">
<meta name="keywords" content="Root Rot">
<meta name="keywords" content="Spiral Nematode">
<meta name="keywords" content="Corn Diseases">

C. Description REQUIRED.

This narrative summarizes the content and purpose of your publication. The length should be less than 500 words and can be copied and pasted from any existing source.


<meta name="description" content="The Illinois Department of Agriculture runs many inspection programs. This site describes each program: Agricultural Products Inspection, Food Inspection, Meat and Poultry Inspection, Animal Health Regulation, Pesticide Use, Weights and Measurements Certification, and Grain Dealer and Warehouse Inspection and Licensure. It also gives contact information for the Department.">

D. Date created REQUIRED.

The date that your publication was officially released.


<meta name="createDate" content="07181996">

E. Date last modified REQUIRED.

Each time you change any content of the publication enter the revised date here. If the publication has not been changed since it was released, enter the release date. This is especially important for archival purposes.


<meta name="dateofLastModification" content="03011998">

F. Time period The timeframe covered by the content of your publication.


<meta name="timePeriodTextual" content="Statistics collected for FY 1993-1995">
<meta name="timePeriodTextual" content="Covers period of 1922-1945">
<meta name="timePeriodTextual" content="historical records from 1889-1939">

G. Method of Submission REQUIRED.

Choose from the following options:

A URL that points to a single online file


I will upload file(s) that comprise a single document.

You must choose to upload if you document is composed of multiple files or will be posted on the web less than two months.

A mark-up language file (html, xml) is usually composed of multiple files. If you choose to upload all of the files composing a web site, you must not only make sure to include all files such as images and style sheets, but you must make sure that the locator on each file matches the locator encoded in the body of the page. Otherwise the page(s) will not reconstruct when the files are retrieved from the depository. An alternative is to create a pdf of each web page and deposit it to represent the content of the site.

Note! If you are UPLOADING file(s), skip the next three questions and go to question H.

If you are providing a URL for this publication, the URL is given in the next line:

If this is reachable via the WWW, please provide the URL that points to the single file.

ISL spiders then harvest the single file comprising the publication.

What software application was used to create your file?

In order to support long-term accessibility to your publication, the ISL must know the software program used to create the file you are submitting.


<meta name="creationSoftwareApplication" content="IBM WebSphere Studio">
<meta name="creationSoftwareApplication" content="Microsoft Word 2000">

What version of the software application was used to create your file?

In order to ensure long-term accessibility to your publication, ISL must also know which version of the software was used to create your publication.


<meta name="creationSoftwareVersion" content="3.5 Advanced Edition">
<meta name="creationSoftwareVersion" content="9.0.6926 SP-3">

H. May this be publicly distributed for free, always and forever? "Yes" is the automatic default because most government publications are public documents. You should click "No" if the publication is under copyright restriction, including art or photographs that were used with permission that limits their use in some way. You may also click "No" if your agency is selling the publication and has a policy against free distribution on the Internet.


<meta name="copyrightRestricted" content="Yes">

I. Is there a date after which this material may be distributed for free? Enter a date if the copyright restrictions will expire on a known date.


<meta name="dateUnrestricted" content="080120073">

J. If not, please explain the restrictions: If there are copyright or use restrictions, please explain.


<meta name="restrictionExplanation" content="The picture on page 3 will not be in the public domain until 30 years after the photographer’s death.">
<meta name="restrictionExplanation" content="Copies must be purchased from the Survey.">

K. Does this publication have a control number or an ID number? If your organization has an official control ID or number assigned to your electronic publication, complete this section. This is also where you would input a standardized control number such as an ISBN or ISSN.


<meta name="originalControlIdentifier" content="IL-1040">
<meta name="originalControlIdentifier" content="Executive Order 97-02">
<meta name="originalControlIdentifier" content="0019-2104"

L. Does this publication have a volume or year? If your publication has a volume or year assigned to it, complete this section.

Computers sort numbers by character strings and prefixes like vol. or v can throw off sorting of the numbers. Enter only the number. Leave off all prefixes.

If your publication has both a volume and a year, enter the volume because date information will be available in other fields. 


<meta name="volumeOrYear" content="2003">
<meta name="volumeOrYear" content="85">

M. Does this publication have a number or other identifying issue number? If your publication has a number or issue identifier assigned to it, complete this section. In most cases this numbering subdivides the volume or year number entered in Section 1. L above.

Computers sort numbers by character strings and prefixes like vol. or v can throw off sorting of the numbers. Enter only the number. Leave off all prefixes.


<meta name="numberOrIssue" content=" 208">
<meta name="numberOrIssue" content=" Spring">

N. Official name of the agency program If your publication is issued in conjunction with a program sponsored by your agency, enter the official name of the program here.


<meta name="agencyProgram" content="Crime Victims Compensation">
<meta name="agencyProgram" content="Keep Warm Illinois">

O. Another source This allows a direct link to other information on the Web that could be helpful to your audience.


If someone were looking for information on roads, the Department of Transportation may want to reference a link to the specific Illinois Department of Revenue Web page that concerns the motor fuel tax.

<meta name="linkage" content="">

P. Language English is the default, but there is a dropdown menu of other language choices. Select the code for the language of your publication.


<meta name="language" content="EN">
<meta name="language" content="ES">

Q. Government type The default is for a state publication, but you may select local, if applicable. Universities are considered state.


<meta name="govType" content="State">

Section 2. Contact Information About Your Publication.

This section is to help searchers and reference librarians find information

A. Contact name List a person who can address questions or direct someone to the right person.


<meta name="contactName" content=" Connie Frankenfeld">

B. Organization REQUIRED.

List the agency issuing the publication. Be as specific as possible and include department, division, and/or section information as appropriate.


<meta name="contactOrganization" content="Illinois State Library">

C. Contact address Give the mailing address of the unit described in Section 2. B above. Use both address lines if needed.


<meta name="contactStreetAddress1" content="300 South Second Street">
<meta name="contactStreetAddress2" content="Third Floor LAT">

D. Contact city List the city in which the unit described in Section 3. B above is located.


<meta name="contactCity" content="Springfield">

E. Contact ZIP code Give the zip code for the address in Section 2. C and D above.


<meta name="contactZipcode" content="62701-1796">

F. E-Mail address Give the e-mail address of the person listed in Section 2. A above.


<meta name="contactNetworkAddress" content="">

G. Phone number, beginning with area code REQUIRED.

Give the phone number of the person listed in Section 2. A above. If no person is listed, enter a phone number for the unit given in Section 2. B. Be sure the number is one that will be answered by a person who can answer questions about the publication or direct the caller to someone who can.


<meta name="contactPhoneNumber" content="(217) 782-5432">

H. FAX number, beginning with area code Give the fax number of the person listed in Section 2.A above or the unit in Section 2. B above.


<meta name="contactFaxNumber" content="(217) 557-6737">

Section 3. Information About Your Organization.

This section will help searchers consistently retrieve relevant items searching under the name of the organization. Please select the name of your agency from the dropdown menu.

If you need a name not on your list, click on the link "Contact us for agency name selections" to e-mail the ISL Technical Services Division and request the name you need.

For example:

You deposit documents for the Secretary of State’s Office. Your options on the pull-down menu consist of:

Illinois. Illinois. Office of Secretary of State
Illinois. Illinois. Office of Secretary of State. Index Division
Illinois. Illinois. Office of Secretary of State. Literacy Office
Illinois. Illinois State Library

When you deposit Illinois Literacy, choose from the pull-down list:

Illinois. Illinois. Office of Secretary of State. Literacy Office

When you deposit Illinois Libraries, choose from the pull-down list:

Illinois. Illinois State Library

When you deposit Rules and Statutes of the Illinois Court of Claims, e-mail the ISL Technical Services Division and request that the Court of Claims be added to your list.

Illinois. Illinois. Court of Claims

Section 4. Subject Analysis.

Select all the subject categories from the Illinois Subject Tree that describe your publication. Choose headings that are specific to the content level of the publication and be sure to find all occurrences of the subject in the various branches of the subject tree.

For example:

If your publication covers all aspects of employment, choose

Business and Industry – Employment

instead of multiple sub-topics under this heading. However, if your publication covers only unemployment and job searching, choose:

Business and Industry – Employment – Job Searching
Business and Industry – Employment – Unemployment

Remember that a sub-topic may be found under more than one heading, and all instances should be selected. For example:

Business and industry: Business and professional licenses: Business licenses
State government: Licenses and permits: Business and professional licenses: Business licenses

Section 5. Create a new record OR Create a new template.

At the bottom of the Metadata Generator data input page is a clickable button labeled "Create A New Record." Click on this button when you are ready to create a record for a document. If you need to upload a file, a link is provided in the header on the following page that will allow you to use an upload utility. Until you upload the file, your deposit is not complete.

When you click on "Create A New Record," your metadata will appear on the screen. If your publication is a Web page in HTML, follow the instructions on Adding Metadata to Your Web Page. This will improve access to your document for all search engines.

Another option at the bottom of the data input page is a clickable button labeled "Create a New Template." Templates are time-savers if several publications need much of the same information in their metadata. If you have begun to complete the Create Record form and realize you want to save the information as a template, you may do so by clicking on the "Create a New Template" button.

If you decide not to create a record, for whatever reason, you can click "Return to Menu Without Saving." This will stop the creation of a record and discard all the data you entered.