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(Taylor and Francis, LLC)
19th Century British Library Newspapers (Gale-Cengage Learning)
19th Century U.S. Newspapers (Gale-Cengage Learning)
1ST AMENDMENT in the 21st Century (Ambrose Video Publishing)


Academic - Historical Archives (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Academic Libraries (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Academic OneFile (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Academic Search Complete (EBSCO)
ACCESS Video On Demand -(Streaming video for Public Libraries) (Facts on File)
ADAM Education Health Resources for Libraries - Academic (Sunburst Digital)
Advanced Placement Human Geography (Ambrose Video Publishing)
African American Heritage (Proquest)
African-American History Online (Facts on File)
AGRICULTUREnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
AMA Manual of Style Online (Oxford University Press)
Ambrose Video Streaming, award winning videos in literature, history, science, art, religion (Ambrose Video Publishing)
American Antiquarian Society (AAS Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 3 (EBSCO)
American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 1 (EBSCO)
American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 2 (EBSCO)
American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 4 (EBSCO)
American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 5 (EBSCO)
American Government (ABC-CLIO)
American History (ABC-CLIO)
American History & Life Full text (EBSCO)
American History in Video (Alexander Street Press)
American History Online (Facts on File)
AMERICAN HISTORY, 16th-21st Century Turning Points (Ambrose Video Publishing)
American History: 1493-1945 (Sage Publications/Adam Matthew)
American Indian and Cultures (Sage Publications/Adam Matthew)
American Indian History Online (Facts on File)
American Library Directory (Information Today Inc. - Faulkner Information Ser)
American Mosaic: The African American Experience (ABC-CLIO)
American Mosaic: The American Indian Experience (ABC-CLIO)
American National Biography Online (Oxford University Press)
American West (Sage Publications/Adam Matthew)
American Women`s History Online (Facts on File)
Ancient & Medieval History Online (Facts on File)
Archives Unbound (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Armed Conflict Database (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
Art & Architecture Complete (EBSCO)
Art and Architecture in Video (Alexander Street Press)
Art Full Text (EBSCO)
Artemis Literary Sources (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Asian Film Online (Alexander Street Press)
ASTRONOMY, Core Astronomy (Ambrose Video Publishing)
ATLA Historical Monographs Collection- Series 2 (EBSCO)
ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 1 (13th Century to 1893) (EBSCO)
AtoZdatabases: The Reference Source for Jobs, Business Research, Mailing Lists and Sales Leads Databases !!! (AtoZdatabases)
AUTHORS, Great British, Great Irish, Great American (Ambrose Video Publishing)
Auto Repair Reference Center (EBSCO)


Barron's (Proquest)
BBC CLASSICS: Ascent of Man, Atom, Alistair Cooke's America, Making of Mankind, Connections, Civilization, History of Christianity, Shock of the New, Living Planet (Ambrose Video Publishing)
BBC College of Journalism (Oxford University Press)
BBC Shakespeare Plays - Video Streaming all 37 Plays (Ambrose Video Publishing)
Berg Fashion Library (Oxford University Press)
Biography In Context (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Biography Reference Center (EBSCO)
BioOne (BioOne)
BIOSCIENCEnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
Black Achievement in America, A History of (Ambrose Video Publishing)
Black Studies in Video (Alexander Street Press)
Bloom`s Literary Reference Online (Facts on File)
Book Collection: Nonfiction (EBSCO)
Britannica Ebooks (Britannica Digital Learning)
Britannica Image Quest (Britannica Digital Learning)
Britannica Library (Britannica Digital Learning)
Britannica Online-Academic Edition (Britannica Digital Learning)
Britannica School (Britannica Digital Learning)
Britannica Spanish Reference Center (Britannica Digital Learning)
Business Insights Global (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Business Insights: Essentials (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Business Source Complete (EBSCO)
BUSINESSnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)


Capstone Interactive Library (Capstone, Inc.)
Career Cruising (Career Cruising)
Career Transitions (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Check Illinois (Record Information Services, Inc.)
Chelsea House Biographies Online (Facts on File)
CHEMISTRYnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
CHEMnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
Chicago Tribune (Proquest)
CHILDHOOD (Ambrose Video Publishing)
ChiltonLibrary.com (Gale-Cengage Learning)
CHRISTIANITY, Diarmaid MacCulloch's History of (Ambrose Video Publishing)
Civil War Era (Proquest)
Classical Music in Video (Alexander Street Press)
Classical Scores Library (Alexander Street Press)
Classroom Video On Demand - (Streaming Video for High Schools) (Facts on File)
CLEANTECHnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
CollegeSource Online (CollegeSource Inc.)
Computer & Applied Sciences Complete (EBSCO)
COMPUTER-SCIENCEnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
Consumer Reports Cars Best Deals Plus (EBSCO)
ConsumerReports.org (EBSCO)
Core Concepts Periodic Table (Rosen Publishing, Inc.)
CORE SCIENCES: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Meteorology, Classical Physics, Modern Physics (Ambrose Video Publishing)
Counseling and Therapy in Video Volumes I, II, and III (Alexander Street Press)
CQ Almanac (CQ Press)
CQ Congress Collection (CQ Press)
CQ Press Bundle (CQ Press)
CQ Public Affairs Collection (CQ Press)
CQ Researcher (CQ Press)
CQ Researcher PLUS Archive (CQ Press)
CQ Supreme Court Collection (CQ Press)
CQ Voting & Elections Collection (CQ Press)
CQ Weekly Online (CQ Press)
Credo General Reference Premium (Credo Reference)
Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text (EBSCO)
Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video (Alexander Street Press)
CultureGrams (Proquest)
Curriculum Resource Center (Facts on File)


Daily Life Through History (ABC-CLIO)
Dance in Video (Alexander Street Press)
Demographics Now (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Dental Education in Video (Alexander Street Press)
Digital Literacy (Rosen Publishing, Inc.)
Digital Sanborn Maps Geo Edition (Proquest)


Early Experiences in Australasia: Primary Sources and Personal Narratives 1788-1901 (Alexander Street Press)
eBook Academic Subscription Collection (EBSCO)
eBook Business Collection (EBSCO)
eBook Public Library (EBSCO)
eBook School Collection (EBSCO)
eBook Subscriptions (Facts on File)
ECONOMICSnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
Education in Video (Alexander Street Press)
Educator's Reference Complete (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Eighteenth Century Collection Online (Gale-Cengage Learning)
EISENHOWER: The Eisenhower Era, Eisenhower's Secret War (Ambrose Video Publishing)
Electronic Encyclopedia of American Government (CQ Press)
Electronic Enlightenment Online (Oxford University Press)
eLibrary Curriculum Edition (Proquest)
eLibrary Science (Proquest)
Encyclopedia of Social Work Online (Oxford University Press)
English Language Learner Reference Center (EBSCO)
ENGnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
ENVIROnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
Environment Complete (EBSCO)
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: Global Warming,Glaciers and Ice Caps, Measuring the Earth's Temperature,Life After Oil, When the Water Tap Runs Dry,Living Planet, Miracle Planet (Ambrose Video Publishing)
Ethnographic Video Online: Volume I (Alexander Street Press)
Ethnographic Video Online: Volume II (Alexander Street Press)
Europa World Year Book PLUS (Taylor and Francis, LLC)


FactCite: American History (FactCite: Lincoln Library Online)
FactCite: Biographies (FactCite: Lincoln Library Online)
FactCite: Biography for Beginners (FactCite: Lincoln Library Online)
FactCite: Defining Moments (FactCite: Lincoln Library Online)
FactCite: Essential Information (FactCite: Lincoln Library Online)
FactCite: Lincoln Library Online (FactCite: Lincoln Library Online)
FactCite: Mythology (FactCite: Lincoln Library Online)
FactCite: Science (FactCite: Lincoln Library Online)
Ferguson`s Career Guidance Center (Facts on File)
Film Studies - Hollywood's Greatest Directors, Great Directors (Ambrose Video Publishing)
Filmakers Library Online: Volume I (Alexander Street Press)
Filmakers Library Online: Volume II (Alexander Street Press)
FILMS ON DEMAND - (Streaming Video for Colleges) (Facts on File)
Financial Literacy (Rosen Publishing, Inc.)
Financial Ratings Series-Weiss & Street Ratings (Financial Ratings Series - Weiss & the Street Rati)
FINTEL Industry Benchmarking Reports (FINTEL)
Fold3 History & Genealpogy Archives Plus (EBSCO)
FOODnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
FORENSICnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
FreedomFlix (Scholastic, Inc.)
Fulltext Sources Online (Information Today Inc. - Faulkner Information Ser)


Gale Directory Library (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Gale LegalForms (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Gale Virtual Reference Library (eBook Platform) - K12 Titles (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Gale Virtual Reference Library (eBook Platform) (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Gale World Scholar - Portal (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Genealogy Connect (Gale-Cengage Learning)
General OneFile (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Geography, Human, Making Sense of Planet Earth (Ambrose Video Publishing)
Geograpy, Physical, Making Sense of Planet Earth (Ambrose Video Publishing)
Gleeditions: Literature Unbound (Gleeditions LLC)
Global Business and Economics in Video (Alexander Street Press)
Global Issues in Context (Gale-Cengage Learning)
GOLD: Grey House Online Databases (Grey House Publishing)
GREENR (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (Scholastic, Inc.)
Grolier Online by Scholastic (Scholastic, Inc.)
Grolier Online`s Amazing Animals of the World (Scholastic, Inc.)
Grolier Online`s America the Beautiful (Scholastic, Inc.)
Grolier Online`s Encyclopedia Americana (Scholastic, Inc.)
Grolier Online`s La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre and Aula de Espanol (Scholastic, Inc.)
Grolier Online`s Lands and Peoples (Scholastic, Inc.)
Grolier Online`s The New Book of Knowledge (Scholastic, Inc.)
Grolier Online`s The New Book of Popular Science (Scholastic, Inc.)
Grove Art Online (Oxford University Press)
Grove Music Online (Oxford University Press)


Health & Wellness Resource Center with Alternative Health (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Health and Society in Video (Alexander Street Press)
Health Reference Center (Facts on File)
Heritage Quest Online (Proquest)
High School eBook Collection (EBSCO)
Historic Map Works (Proquest)
Historical Abstracts with Full Text (EBSCO)
Historical Chicago Defender (1909-1975) (Proquest)
Historical Chicago Tribune 1849 - 1989 (Proquest)
Historical New York Times 1851 - 2009 (Proquest)
History Reference Center (EBSCO)
HISTORY, ANCIENT (Ambrose Video Publishing)
Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center (EBSCO)
Home Improvement Reference Center (EBSCO)
Hospitality & Tourism Complete (EBSCO)


Index to Legal Periodicals and Books Full Text (EBSCO)
InformationSCIENCEnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
InfoTrac Newsstand (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Issues & Controversies (Facts on File)
Issues & Controversies in American History (Facts on File)
Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society (ABC-CLIO)


Jewish Life in America 1654-1954 (Sage Publications/Adam Matthew)


K-12 (Schools) Resources (Gale-Cengage Learning)
K-8 eBook Collection (EBSCO)
Kids InfoBits (Gale-Cengage Learning)


Latino American Experience (ABC-CLIO)
ld Scholar: Latin America and the Caribbean (Gale-Cengage Learning)
LeaningExpress Job and Career Accelerator (LearningExpress)
LearningExpressLibrary 3.0 (LearningExpress)
Legal Information Reference Center (EBSCO)
LGBT Studies in Video (Alexander Street Press)
LGBT Thought and Culture (Alexander Street Press)
Literacy Market Place- US/International (Information Today Inc. - Faulkner Information Ser)
Literary Reference Center (EBSCO)
Literary Reference Center Plus (EBSCO)
Literature Criticism Online (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Literature Criticism Online, Something About the Author Online, Dictionary of Literary Biography Complete Online (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Literature Resource Center (Gale-Cengage Learning)
LitFinder for Students (Gale-Cengage Learning)
LONG SEARCH - Objective view of the major religions (Ambrose Video Publishing)


Mango Languauges (Mango Languages)
MasterFILE Complete (EBSCO)
MEDICINEnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
MEDLINE with Full Text (EBSCO)
Mergent Intellect (Mergent)
MINORITY ACHIEVEMENT in America, a History of: Black Achievement, Chinese Achievement, Hispanic Achievement, Jewish Achievement, American Indian Achievement, Women's Achievement (Ambrose Video Publishing)
Modern World History Online (Facts on File)
Morningstar Investment Research Center (Morningstar, Inc.)
Music Online (Alexander Street Press)
MyHeritage-WorldVitalRecords (My Heritage - World Vital Records)
myON reader (myON)


NANOnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
National Geographic Kids (Gale-Cengage Learning)
National Geographic Virtual Library (Gale-Cengage Learning)
National Newspapers Core (Proquest)
Naxos Music Library (Naxos of America, Inc.)
Naxos Sheet Music Library (Naxos of America, Inc.)
Naxos Spoken Word Library (Naxos of America, Inc.)
Naxos Video Library (Naxos of America, Inc.)
New World Cinema: Independent Features & Shorts, 1990-Present (Alexander Street Press)
Newspaper Archive (Proquest)
Newspaper Direct Press Display (Proquest)
Newspaper Source Plus (EBSCO)
NewspaperARCHIVE.com (Heritage Microfilm, Inc.)
Nineteenth Century Collection Online (Gale-Cengage Learning)
NML-Jazz (Naxos of America, Inc.)
Novelist K8 Plus (EBSCO)
Novelist Plus (EBSCO)
Nursing Eduction in Video (Alexander Street Press)
Nursing Resource Center (Gale-Cengage Learning)


Opera in Video (Alexander Street Press)
Opposing Viewpoints In Context (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Oxford African American Studies Center (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Biblical Studies Online (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Bibliographies Online (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Constitutions of the World (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Dictionaries Pro (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online (Oxford University Press)
Oxford English Dictionary Online (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Handbooks Online (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Islamic Studies Online (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Language Dictionaries Online (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Quick Reference (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (Oxford University Press)


p4A Antiques Reference database (p4A.com, ltd.)
PebbleGo (Capstone, Inc.)
Plunkett Research Online (Plunkett, Ltd.)
Poetry & Short Story Reference Center (EBSCO)
Points of View Reference Center (EBSCO)
Political Handbook of the World (CQ Press)
Political Reference Suite (CQ Press)
Political Science Complete (EBSCO)
Politics in America (CQ Press)
Polling the Nations (ORS Publishing)
Pop Culture Universe (ABC-CLIO)
PowerKnowledge Science (Rosen Publishing, Inc.)
Powerspeak Languages (Gale-Cengage Learning)
PriceIT! Antiques & Collectibles (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Professional Development Collection (Gale-Cengage Learning)
ProQuest AP Science (Proquest)
ProQuest Central K12 (Proquest)
ProQuest Discovery (Proquest)
ProQuest Family Health (Proquest)
ProQuest Newsstand (Proquest)
ProQuest Obituaries (Proquest)
ProQuest Professional Education (Proquest)
ProQuest Research Companion (Proquest)
ProQuest Research Library Prep K12 (Proquest)
Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection (EBSCO)
Public LIbrary eBook Collection (EBSCO)
Public Library Resources (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Public Record Electronic Data Base (Record Information Services, Inc.)


Queen Victoria's Journals (Proquest)
Questia School (Gale-Cengage Learning)


ReferenceUSA (Reference USA)
Referencia Latina (EBSCO)
Rehabilitation Therapy in Video (Alexander Street Press)
Religion and Philosophy Collection (EBSCO)
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
Routledge Politics and International Relations Online (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
Routledge Religion Online (Taylor and Francis, LLC)


SAGE Stats (CQ Press)
Salem Health: Free Online Access with your Print Buy (Salem Press)
Salem History: Free Online Access with your Print Buy (Salem Press)
Salem Literature: Free Online Access with your Print Buy (Salem Press)
Salem Science: Free Online Access with your Print Buy (Salem Press)
Scholastic BookFlix (Scholastic, Inc.)
SCI-TECHnetBASE (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
Science In Context (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Science Online (Facts on File)
Science Reference Center (EBSCO)
SCIPIO (OCLC FirstSearch)
Serial Set Maps (Proquest)
Shakespeare, BBC Shakespeare Plays (Ambrose Video Publishing)
Silent Film Online (Alexander Street Press)
SimplyMap (Geographic Research, Inc.)
SIRS Decades (Proquest)
SIRS Discoverer (Proquest)
SIRS Issues Researcher (Proquest)
SIRS Knowledge Source (Proquest)
Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice (Sage Publications/Adam Matthew)
Small Business Reference Center (EBSCO)
Small Business Resource Center (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Small Engine Repair Reference Center (EBSCO)
Smithsonian Collection Online (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Social Explorer (Oxford University Press)
SocINDEX with Full Text (EBSCO)
Special Libraries (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video (Alexander Street Press)
Standard and Poor`s Netadvantage (S&P Capital IQ)
StarWalk Kids Media - Student view (StarWalk Kids Media)
StarWalk Kids Media - Teacher view (StarWalk Kids Media)
Statistical Abstract of the United States (Proquest)
Student Resource Center Junior (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Student Resources In Context (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Supreme Court Yearbook (CQ Press)


TeachingBooks.net - Online Resources that Deepen Literacy Instruction (TeachingBooks.net)
Teen Health & Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers (Rosen Publishing, Inc.)
Testing & Education Reference Center (Gale-Cengage Learning)
The Economist Historical Archive 1843-2006 (Gale-Cengage Learning)
The Faulkner Advisory for IT Studies and Security Management Practices (Information Today Inc. - Faulkner Information Ser)
The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
The March of TimeŽ (Alexander Street Press)
The New York Times: 1980 to present (Proquest)
The Shakespeare Collection: Featuring The Arden Shakespeare Complete Works (Gale-Cengage Learning)
The Sixties: Primary Documents and Personal Narratives, 1960 to 1974 (Alexander Street Press)
The Times Digital Archive (Gale-Cengage Learning)
The Video Journal of Counseling and Therapy (Alexander Street Press)
The World Almanac for Kids (Facts on File)
The World News Digest (Facts on File)
Theatre in Video (Alexander Street Press)
Today`s Science (Facts on File)
Total BooX (Total Boox)
TrueFlix (Scholastic, Inc.)
Twentieth Century Religious Thought Volume I: Christianity (Alexander Street Press)


U.S. Government Online (Facts on File)
U.S. History In Context (Gale-Cengage Learning)
Ultra Online Package (EBSCO)
Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels (Alexander Street Press)
United States Geography (ABC-CLIO)
US Political Stats (CQ Press)


Value Line Investment Survey Online and Research Center Online (Value Line, Inc.)
VAST: Academic Video Online (Alexander Street Press)
Very Short Introductions Online (Oxford University Press)
Visual Thesaurus (ThinkMap)
Vocabulary.com (ThinkMap)
Vogue Archive (Proquest)


Women and Social Movements - International (Alexander Street Press)
Women and Social Movements in the United States (Alexander Street Press)
World & I Online: Student and Parent Resource for Public Libraries (The World and I Online)
World Almanac Online (Facts on File)
World at War (ABC-CLIO)
World Book Web (World Book, Inc.)
World Folklore and Folklife (ABC-CLIO)
World Geography and Culture Online (Facts on File)
World Geography: Understanding a Changing World (ABC-CLIO)
World History In Context (Gale-Cengage Learning)
World History in Video (Alexander Street Press)
World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras (ABC-CLIO)
World History: The Modern Era (ABC-CLIO)
World Newsreels Online, 1929-1966 (Alexander Street Press)
World Religions Online (Facts on File)
World Religions: Belief, Culture, and Controversy (ABC-CLIO)
World Who's Who (Taylor and Francis, LLC)
WorldandIJournal.com: A Comprehensive Academic Resource (The World and I Online)
WorldandIKids.com: Innovative Resource for Elementary Schools (The World and I Online)
WorldandISchool.com: Cross-Curriculum Resource for High Schools (The World and I Online)
Writer's Reference Center (Facts on File)

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