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(Recorded Books)
Author & Book Resources (Teaching Books)
60 MINUTES: 1997-2014 (Alexander Street)


Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)
Academic Video Online (Alexander Street)
ACCESS Video On Demand -(Streaming video for Public Libraries) (InfoBASE Learning)
African American Communities (Adam Matthew)
African-American History Online (InfoBASE Learning)
Age of Exploration (Adam Matthew)
Allied Health Video Collection - (College) (InfoBASE Learning)
Alt-PressWatch (ProQuest)
AMA Manual of Style Online (Oxford University Press)
American Antiquarian Society (AAS Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 3 (EBSCO)
American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 1 (EBSCO)
American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 2 (EBSCO)
American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 4 (EBSCO)
American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 5 (EBSCO)
American Government (ACADEMIC EDITION) (ABC-CLIO)
American Government (schools edition) (ABC-CLIO)
American History (schools edition) (ABC-CLIO)
American History Online (InfoBASE Learning)
American History, 1493-1945 (Adam Matthew)
American Indian Histories and Cultures (Adam Matthew)
American Indian History Online (InfoBASE Learning)
American Mosaic: The African American Experience (schools edition) (ABC-CLIO)
American Mosaic: The American Indian Experience (schools edition) (ABC-CLIO)
American Mosaic: The Latino American Experience (schools edition) (ABC-CLIO)
American National Biography Online (Oxford University Press)
Ancient & Medieval History Online (InfoBASE Learning)
Applied Science & Technology Source (EBSCO)
Arcadian Library Online (Bloomsbury Digital Resources)
Art & Architecture Complete (EBSCO)
Art Full Text (EBSCO)
Art Source (EBSCO)
ATLA Historical Monographs Collection- Series 2 (EBSCO)
ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 1 (13th Century to 1893) (EBSCO)
AtoZdatabases: The Reference Source for Business Research, Jobs, Mailing Lists and More (A to Z Databases)
Auto Finance Resource (Auto Finance Resource)
Auto Mate (EBSCO)
Award-Winning Books (Teaching Books)


BBC Landmark Video Collection (Alexander Street)
Berg Fashion Library (Bloomsbury Digital Resources)
Biography Reference Center (EBSCO)
BioOne Complete (BioOne)
Bloomsbury Collections (Bloomsbury Digital Resources)
Bloomsbury Cultural History (Bloomsbury Digital Resources)
Bloomsbury Design Library (Bloomsbury Digital Resources)
Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers (Bloomsbury Digital Resources)
Bloomsbury Food Library (Bloomsbury Digital Resources)
Bloomsbury Popular Music (Bloomsbury Digital Resources)
Bloom`s Literature - (New and Improved) (InfoBASE Learning)
Book Collection: Nonfiction (EBSCO)
Book Guides & Lesson Plans (Teaching Books)
Britannica Ebooks (Britannica Digital Learning)
Britannica Escolar (Britannica Digital Learning)
Britannica ImageQuest (Britannica Digital Learning)
Britannica Launch Packs; Social Studies (Britannica Digital Learning)
Britannica Library (Britannica Digital Learning)
Britannica Moderna (Britannica Digital Learning)
Britannica Online-Academic Edition (Britannica Digital Learning)
Britannica Original Sources **NEW (Britannica Digital Learning)
Britannica School (Britannica Digital Learning)
Business Source Complete (EBSCO)


Capstone Interactive Library (Capstone, Inc.)
Career Cruising (Career Cruising)
Check Illinois (Record Information Services, Inc.)
Chelsea House Biographies Online (InfoBASE Learning)
Chicago Tribune (ProQuest)
Churchill Archive (Bloomsbury Digital Resources)
Classical Music in Video (Alexander Street)
Classical Scores Library Library (Alexander Street)
Classroom Video On Demand - (Streaming Video for High Schools) (InfoBASE Learning)
Communication Source (EBSCO)
Community College eBook Collection (EBSCO)
Computer & Applied Sciences Complete (EBSCO)
ConsumerReports.org (EBSCO)
Core Concepts Biology (Rosen Publishing, Inc.)
Core Concepts Chemistry (Rosen Publishing, Inc.)
Core Concepts Periodic Table (Rosen Publishing, Inc.)
Counseling and Therapy in Video Series (Alexander Street)
CQ Almanac (SAGE Publishing, Inc.)
CQ Congress Collection (SAGE Publishing, Inc.)
CQ Researcher (SAGE Publishing, Inc.)
Credo Instruct (CREDO Reference)
Credo Online Reference Service (CREDO Reference)
Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text (EBSCO)
Culture Grams (ProQuest)


Daily Life Through History (schools edition) (ABC-CLIO)
Digital Literacy (Rosen Publishing, Inc.)
Digital Sanborn Maps Geo Edition (ProQuest)
Disability in the Modern World: History of A Social Movement (Alexander Street)
Drama Online (Bloomsbury Digital Resources)


eBook Academic Subscription Collection (EBSCO)
eBook Business Collection (EBSCO)
eBook Public Library (EBSCO)
eBook School Collection (EBSCO)
eBook Subscription (Master Collection) for Public Libraries (InfoBASE Learning)
eBook Subscription (Master Collection) for School Libraries - Award winning! (InfoBASE Learning)
eBook Subscription Collection (Special collection for Academic/College Libraries) (InfoBASE Learning)
Education in Video Series (Alexander Street)
Electronic Enlightenment Online (Oxford University Press)
Elibrary K12 (ProQuest)
Encyclopedia of Social Work (Oxford University Press)
Environment Complete (EBSCO)
Ethnic NewsWatch (ProQuest)
Ethnographic Sound Archive Online (Alexander Street)
Ethnographic Video Online Series (Alexander Street)


FactCite 123 (FactCite)
FactCite Sports Champions (FactCite)
Factcite: 1-2-3 Lingo (FactCite)
FactCite: American History (FactCite)
FactCite: Biographies (FactCite)
FactCite: Biography for Beginners (FactCite)
Factcite: Countries and Culture (FactCite)
FactCite: Defining Moments Online (FactCite)
FactCite: Essential Information (FactCite)
FactCite: Lincoln Library Online (FactCite)
FactCite: Mythology (FactCite)
FactCite: Science & Technology (FactCite)
Fashion Photography Archive (Bloomsbury Digital Resources)
Feature Films for Education (InfoBASE Learning)
Ferguson`s Career Guidance Center (InfoBASE Learning)
Film Scripts Online Series (Alexander Street)
FILMS ON DEMAND - (Master Academic Collection) (InfoBASE Learning)
Financial Literacy (Rosen Publishing, Inc.)
Financial Ratings Series Online- Weiss Ratings (Grey House Publishing)
Flipster Digital Magazines (EBSCO)
FOLD3 Library Edition (ProQuest)
FreedomFlix (Scholastic, Inc.)
Frontier Life (Adam Matthew)


Gale Academic Trial Site (Gale Cengage Learning)
Gale K-12 Trial Resources (Gale Cengage Learning)
Gale Public Libraries Trial Resources (Gale Cengage Learning)
Gale Public Library Nonfiction eBooks (Gale Cengage Learning)
Gareth Stevens Report Builder (Rosen Publishing, Inc.)
GenderWatch (ProQuest)
GeoScienceWorld (GeoScience World)
Gleeditions: Literature Unbound (Gleeditions, LLC)
Global Issues Library (Alexander Street)
Global Newsstream (ProQuest)
GOLD: Grey House Online Databases (Grey House Publishing)
Grove Art Online (Oxford University Press)
Grove Music Online (Oxford University Press)


Health Reference Center (InfoBASE Learning)
Health Research Premium (ProQuest)
HeinOnline Academic (HeinOnline)
High School eBook Collection (EBSCO)
Historic Map Works Library Edition (ProQuest)
Historical Abstracts with Full Text (EBSCO)
Historical Chicago Defender (1909-1975) (ProQuest)
Historical Chicago Tribune 1849 - 1992 (ProQuest)
Historical Chinese Newspapers (ProQuest)
Historical New York Times 1851 - 2015 (ProQuest)
Historical St Louis Post Dispatch: 1873-2003 (ProQuest)
Historical Washington Post: 1877-2002 (ProQuest)
History eBook Collection (EBSCO)
History Reference Center (EBSCO)
Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center (EBSCO)
Home Improvement Reference Center (EBSCO)
Hospitality & Tourism Complete (EBSCO)
Humanities Source (EBSCO)


IBISWorld Industry Market Research (IBIS World)
Ideas Roadshow - Academic Portal (Ideas Roadshow)
Ideas Roadshow - High School Portal (Ideas Roadshow)
Ideas Roadshow - Public Library Portal (Ideas Roadshow)
Images of America: A History of American Life in Images and Texts (Alexander Street)
Index to Legal Periodicals and Books Full Text (EBSCO)
Issues & Controversies (New and Improved) ** Award-winning! (InfoBASE Learning)
Issues & Controversies in American History (InfoBASE Learning)
Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society (schools edition) (ABC-CLIO)


J. Walter Thompson: Advertising America (Adam Matthew)


K-12 non-fiction ebooks (Britannica Digital Learning)
K-8 eBook Collection (EBSCO)


LearningExpress Library and Job & Career Accelerator (Learning Express)
Legal Information Reference Center (EBSCO)
LGBT Studies in Video (Alexander Street)
LGBT Thought and Culture (Alexander Street)
Library & Information Source (EBSCO)
Literacy Instruction Support (Teaching Books)
Literary Reference Center (EBSCO)
Literary Reference Center Plus (EBSCO)
Literature Online Premium (ProQuest)


Mango Languages (Mango Languages)
Master Career and Technical Education Collection (Colleges) (InfoBASE Learning)
MasterFILE Complete (EBSCO)
MEDLINE with Full Text (EBSCO)
Mergent Intellect (Mergent)
Modern World History Online (InfoBASE Learning)
Morningstar Investment Research Center and Newsletters (MorningStar)
MyHeritage Library Edition (EBSCO)
myON reader (MyON)


National Survey of State Laws (HeinOnline)
Naxos Music Library (Naxos of America, Inc.)
Naxos Spoken Word Library (Naxos of America, Inc.)
Naxos Video Library (Naxos of America, Inc.)
NetAdvantage (S & P Global Market Intelligence)
News, Policy and Politics Archive: Newsweek (ProQuest)
Newspaper Source Plus (EBSCO)
NewspaperARCHIVE.com (World Archives)
Newspapers.com Library Edition (ProQuest)
NML-Jazz (Naxos of America, Inc.)
NML-World (Naxos of America, Inc.)
Novelist K8 Plus (EBSCO)
Novelist Plus (EBSCO)
Nursing Education in Video, 2nd Edition (Alexander Street)
Nursing Video Collection (College) (InfoBASE Learning)


Oxford African American Studies Center (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Biblical Studies Online (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Bibliographies (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Classical Dictionary (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Constitutions of the World (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Dictionaries (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online (Oxford University Press)
Oxford English Dictionary Online (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Handbooks Online (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Islamic Studies Online (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Reference Online Premium (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Environmental Science (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Psychology (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (Oxford University Press)


p4A Antiques Reference database (Prices4Antiques)
Pathways; Science (Britannica Digital Learning)
PebbleGo (Capstone, Inc.)
PebbleGoNext (Capstone, Inc.)
Periodical Archive Online Foundation Collection (ProQuest)
Physical Therapy Collection (InfoBASE Learning)
Plunkett Research Online (Plunkett Research)
Poetry & Short Story Reference Center (EBSCO)
Points of View Reference Center (EBSCO)
Political Science Complete (EBSCO)
Polling the Nations (InfoBASE Learning)
Pop Culture Universe (schools edition) (ABC-CLIO)
Popular Culture in Britain and America, 1950-1975 (Adam Matthew)
PowerKnowledge Science (Rosen Publishing, Inc.)
ProQuest Central (ProQuest)
ProQuest Central Student (ProQuest)
ProQuest Communist Historical Newspaper Collection (ProQuest)
ProQuest Education Magazine Archive (ProQuest)
ProQuest History Vault: NAACP Collections (ProQuest)
ProQuest Religious Magazine Archive (ProQuest)
ProQuest Research Companion (ProQuest)
Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection (EBSCO)
Public LIbrary eBook Collection (EBSCO)
Public Record Electronic Data Base (Record Information Services, Inc.)


Race Relations in America (Adam Matthew)
RBdigital All Services Trial (Recorded Books)
ReadiT! English Language Learner Reference Center (EBSCO)
ReferenceUSA (Reference USA)
Referencia Latina (EBSCO)
Religion and Philosophy Collection (EBSCO)
Rosetta Stone (EBSCO)


SAGE Business Researcher (SAGE Publishing, Inc.)
SAGE Business Stats (SAGE Publishing, Inc.)
SAGE Local and State Stats (SAGE Publishing, Inc.)
SAGE Research Methods (SAGE Publishing, Inc.)
Salem Online (Salem Press)
Scholastic BookFlix (Scholastic, Inc.)
Scholastic GO (Scholastic, Inc.)
Science Online (InfoBASE Learning)
Science Reference Center (EBSCO)
ScienceFlix (Scholastic, Inc.)
Screen Studies (Bloomsbury Digital Resources)
Sears List of Subject Headings (Grey House Publishing)
Service Newspapers of World War II (Adam Matthew)
SimplyAnalytics (SimplyAnalytics)
SIRS Discoverer (ProQuest)
SIRS Issues Researcher (ProQuest)
Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law (HeinOnline)
Small Business Reference Center (EBSCO)
Small Engine Repair Reference Center (EBSCO)
Social Explorer (Oxford University Press)
Social Studies Launch Packs **NEW (Britannica Digital Learning)
Social Work Online (Alexander Street)
Socialism on Film (Adam Matthew)
SocINDEX with Full Text (EBSCO)
Statistical Abstract of the United States (ProQuest)
Statistical Abstract of the World (ProQuest)


Teach Diverse Books (Teaching Books)
Teachables (Scholastic, Inc.)
TeachingBooks.net - Digital content to bring books to life (Teaching Books)
Teen Health & Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers (Rosen Publishing, Inc.)
The Complete Music and Dance Package (Alexander Street)
The Mailbox (InfoBASE Learning)
The Sixties: Primary Documents and Personal Narratives, 1960 to 1974 (Alexander Street)
The Vogue Archive (ProQuest)
The World Almanac for Kids (InfoBASE Learning)
The World Almanac for Kids - Elementary (InfoBASE Learning)
The World News Digest (InfoBASE Learning)
Theatre and Drama Premium (Alexander Street)
Today`s Science (InfoBASE Learning)
Transparent Language Online (Transparent Language, Inc.)
TrueFlix (Scholastic, Inc.)


U.S. Core + (HeinOnline)
Ultra Online Package (EBSCO)
United States Geography (schools edition) (ABC-CLIO)
US Political Stats (SAGE Publishing, Inc.)


Value Line Investment Survey Online and Research Center Online (Value Line, Inc.)
Very Short Introductions Online (Oxford University Press)
Veterinary Collection (College) (InfoBASE Learning)
Vocabulary.com (Vocabulary.com)


Women's Magazine Archive I (ProQuest)
Women's Magazine Archive II (ProQuest)
World Almanac Online (InfoBASE Learning)
World and I Kids (The World and I)
World and I School (The World and I)
World at War (schools edition) (ABC-CLIO)
World Book Web (Worldbook, Inc.)
World Cinema Streaming Video Collection- (College/ AP Level) (InfoBASE Learning)
World Geography and Culture Online (InfoBASE Learning)
World Geography: Understanding a Changing World (schools edition) (ABC-CLIO)
World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras (schools edition) (ABC-CLIO)
World History: The Modern Era (schools edition) (ABC-CLIO)
World Religions Online (InfoBASE Learning)
World Religions: Belief, Culture, and Controversy (schools edition) (ABC-CLIO)
Writer's Reference Center (InfoBASE Learning)

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