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The Springfield Aviation Company

  • 'Reckless' Rex Murphy air show

  • Advertising blimp

  • Advertising sign

  • Aerial view of Abraham Lincoln's tomb

  • Aerial view of Capital Airport

  • Aerial view of downtown Springfield and Capitol building

  • Aerial view of Illini Country Club

  • Aerial view of Illinois State Fair

  • Aerial view of Illinois State Police radio station

  • Aerial view of Lake Springfield and power plant

  • Aerial view of Lake Springfield Motor Boat Club

  • Aerial view of Pillsbury Mills

  • Aerial view of Pillsbury Mills and C&IM rail yard

  • Aerial view of Sangamo Electric

  • Aerial view of Southwest Airport

  • Aerial view of Springfield, Illinois

  • Aerial view of St. John's Hospital

  • African explorers at Municipal Airport

  • Amelia Earhart and Howard Knotts

  • Amelia Earhart visits Municipal Airport

  • Aviation Day

  • Avro Avian C541E airplane

  • Bolling P-12 skywriting plane

  • Charles Lindbergh's Ryan NX-211airplane

  • Commercial Airport

  • Craig Isbell

  • Craig Isbell and Miss Springfield (Beraldine Crumly)

  • Craig Isbell and Raymond Gwinn

  • Craig Isbell and Warren Turner

  • Douglas 'Wrong Way' Corrigan

  • Fairchild 'Pilgrim' airplane

  • Ford Tri-Motor airplane

  • Harold Scott and Craig Isbell

  • Heath Parasol monoplane

  • Helen Abell

  • Junior College aviation class (Commerial Pilot Training Program)

  • Liuetenant McCracken and Major Wadsworth

  • Mildred Iles Clark and Charles B. 'Chic' Clark

  • Miss Springfield (Beraldine Crumly)

  • Municipal Airport

  • National Aviation Day

  • Navy V-5 elementary class

  • PT Swallow airplane

  • Racing plane

  • Ralph Render at Springfield Aviation Company

  • Ray and Ralph Render

  • Springfield Aviation Company employees

  • Springfield Aviation Company flight instructors

  • Springfield Municipal Airport

  • Stinson plane fire

  • Stinson S airplane

  • Taylorcraft BL airplane

  • Taylorcraft BL NC22601 on skis

  • Waco 10 advertising plane

  • Waco 9 airplane

  • Wiley Post

  • William E. Switzer

  • Wright J-5 Travelair airplane

  • Wright J-5 Waco airplane



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